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Tavernier, Key Largo Area History

Learn More about Our Historical Location

Located in the heart of the Tavernier area of southern Key Largo, Coconut Palm Inn sits in an area rich in history. The advent of the railroad caused the original small communities of Planter and Loewsport to combine to form Tavernier. What makes the area name so intriguing is that it's French in origin, not Spanish. Historians believe that the area was named after famous French traveler and jewel trader named Jean Baptiste Tavernier. Once the area became a part of the railroad timetables in 1908 and the Tavernier Post Office opened in 1908, the name became official. 

Created with a Piece of History

The Coconut Palm Inn contains a piece of history right in the building itself. One of our buildings contains actual pieces of the original Flagler Railroad in the framework. This overseas railroad to Key West operated from 1912 to 1935, serving as the gateway for rail to extend to the Florida Keys. The construction of the overseas railway required several engineering innovations, and employed over 4,000 workers at its peak of construction. The final link of the railway was completed in 1912, and Henry Flagler himself road the first train into Key West aboard his private railcar. Widely known as the "Eighth Wonder of the World," this entire railroad system linked the entire East coast of Florida.

Additional Area Info

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